Lightyear Spoiler-Free Review

To infinity and beyond! 🚀

HOSTED | We saw an advanced screening of Pixar’s Lightyear last night and the ENTIRE family was absolutely delighted! ☄️ Read on for SPOILER-FREE insight into the film.

We are life-long Pixar and Toy Story franchise devotees, so my family went into Lightyear with high expectations. We were not disappointed. 💥

Lightyear is a fun tale of pulse-racing space adventure and heartwarming friendship presented with the beautiful layers and characters we count on Pixar to create. The PG storyline was written to appeal to all ages simultaneously, and left my kiddos bouncing with excitement, me tearing up, and all of us laughing, gasping, and cheering. 👩🏽‍🚀

The animation is STUNNING. We saw it in IMAX @regalmovies Pointe Orlando and were blown away by the sights and incredible sounds of space in IMAX. It was so immersive.

The representation in the film was exceptional, and I was thrilled to see such a wide variety of characters. I actually heard a little girl in the audience squeal – Mom, she looks like me – upon seeing a main character the first time. 😭

Overall, Lightyear encompasses every good thing our Pixar-loving family has come to expect from the studio. Pixar has a gift for gently weaving a raw reflection of human fears, hopes, and vulnerabilities into a larger storyline, and in Lightyear they did this with exceptional skill. The film is fun to watch, and the inner and outer journeys of the characters were beautifully relatable. They created characters that audiences of all ages could care about. Sox is our new fave.🐱

10/10 recommend.🚀

Have any specific questions about the film? Message me. Do you plan to see it this weekend?

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