Thanks for stopping by, friend! This blog is going to be a haven of sunshine and pixie dust where I’ll share a little slice of my life here in magical Celebration, FL. From motherhood to faith to wellness, I’ll discuss what matters most to me, along with whatever fun, fabulous things are on my radar. You can expect Disney magic, travel adventures, and Florida Fun along with a dash of style, beauty, and musings on daily life.

Mental health and authenticity matter, and this is the kind of magical place where it’s safe to come as you are. Life can be heavy and I want the content here to be a spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. I am all about recognizing and releasing what threatens to weigh me down, and hope I can encourage you to do the same. You never have to fake a smile when you come here, but I will do my best to help you leave with one.

xoxo Maura

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Published by Maura Lynn

Enjoying that magical Celebration, Florida lifestyle.

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